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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Kitchen - It's the third Sunday, so time for another "6 Sources in the Kitchen" workshop! This Sunday we will be learning about the pagan holiday of Ostara - commonly associated with the Spring Equinox which happens this week! We'll dye eggs using natural items and we'll also assemble a delicious salad of spring greens to share for Soup Sunday! Library - Introducing a new monthly workshop - "Justice & Religion ON THE MAP" brought to you by Randy Converse on the third Sunday of each month. This month we will investigate Afghanistan - we'll take a look at the religion of the region as well as the social justice issues that are pertinent to the people of this country and how the two are intertwined.

10:00am [10:00am-11:15am] Service
"The News Is Brought to You By ____ ?" - presented by Rev. Sandra Ingham. One of the principles that Unitarian Universalists affirm and promote and feel strongly about is our 5th one: “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process… .” The democratic process in the United States is under attack. Two essential elements of a democratic society are: (1) a robust public education system and (2) a free, dynamic, independent press. In her reflections this morning, Rev. Sandy will consider these questions. How free is the press, and an era with few surviving newspapers? How do you know the news you consume isn’t fake? Has the demise of printed newspapers and the rise of social media undermine the role of journalists in our democracy? Of course, there are many more questions. This topic may be revisited in coming weeks – by any of you who would like to weigh in on this crucial subject. Rev. Sandy

[11:30am-1:00pm] Soup Sunday
Soup Sunday

[11:45am-1:00pm] Book Club
Annex Louise Erdrich's 'LaRose': A gun accident sets off a masterly tale of grief and love. Louise Erdrich's new novel, “LaRose,” begins with the elemental gravitas of an ancient story: One day while hunting, a man accidentally kills his neighbor's 5-year-old son.