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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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  Re Choices - Courage!
April's theme is COURAGE Kitchen - In preparation for our field trip to the Hindu temple on May 6th Karen will join us in the kitchen today to make some Hindu treats and learn about this faith tradition as part of our "Six Sources in the Kitchen" series Theater - Paula will join us to encourage us to be brave and try out our improv skills. Thinking on our feet, noticing and encouraging the actions of others, using creativity to solve challenges and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone - these are all great social emotional learning skills to practice in the theater! Outdoor classroom - How much courage does it take for a seed to sprout? Let's plant some flower seeds today and see! The sun is finally out again and it's time to get into the outdoor classroom and make some plans for the future!

8:00am [8:45am-9:45am] Choir rehearsal

10:00am [10:00am-11:15am] Service
Alphabet Soup - or - How Do You Spell UUA? - presented by Rev. Sandra Ingham. Rev. Sandy will attempt to guide you through the thicket of acronyms and seemingly-meaningless-letters-strung-together that describe the work of our Association. Long-time Unitarian Universalists tend to throw out terms and letters as if everyone knew what we were talking about. For example, I subscribe to the CLF newsletter. Do you? Or, at GA this year, I might go to that UUPCC meeting, but I'm afraid that it conflicts with both the APF one and the UUADP one. You're not sure that you care about any of this? I think you will care partly because you help support this alphabet soup mixture, but also because you might be surprised at the breadth and depth and range of what we UUs believe is important and worthy of our attention. It'll make you proud to be a UU!

5:00pm [5:00pm-9:00pm] Circle Dinner
Phyllis Long