Strategic Plan

Our Vision of the Prairie Community

We support each other's personal development and spiritual growth,
Our caring for each other is evident to all who enter our doors,
We act in the world to further social and environmental justice, and
Our society is recognized and respected in the wider community.


1. Participants at Prairie will share in a culture of inquisitiveness in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. A diverse array of beliefs and opinions will be encouraged and supported through open and respectful discussion.
2. Prairie will offer opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities that encourage development and growth, including services, educational offerings, lay leadership, and discussion and musical groups.
3. Prairie will be a welcoming and joyful community filled with fun, humor and laughter. Strong bonds of friendship and community will be encouraged, across age and social group.
4. People seeking a community like ours will have many ways to discover us.
5. Prairie will foster personal and spiritual development of our youth, including education in Unitarian Universalist values.
6. Members will be well-informed about social justice and environmental issues that affect the wider community and the world, as well as opportunities for action.


1. Explore more fully our UU identity
     a.Evaluate our members spiritual and religious educational needs (Program)
     b. Build understanding about the range of ways to meet these needs by learning from other UU societies (Minister)
     c.Offer a number of Sunday programs about the range of beliefs and faiths among UU's and individual programs spanning that range (Program)
     d.Develop a task force to coordinate adult religious education, increase offerings, and advertise these to the general public (Program)

2. Continue and enhance our small group offerings
     a. Evaluate, coordinate and publicize our current small groups (Hospitality & Membership)
b. Recognize those individuals who lead these groups (President)
c. Explore specific offerings promoting spiritual growth (Minister)

3. Focus our social action efforts
     a.Work toward becoming accredited as a "Green Sanctuary," as outlined by the UUA, and publicize our efforts (Social Action)
     b.Engage in other specific intergenerational and youth social action projects (Youth Religious Education)
     c.Continue our broad education on social justice issues in Sunday programs and religious education offerings (Social Action)

4. Improve our facility in attractiveness and function.
     a.Engage consultant(s) to evaluate options for physical improvements and expansion (Housing & Property)
     b.Better utilize current space, doing minor remodeling as necessary (President)
     c.Establish specific responsibility for improving aesthetics of our space, allocate time and resources, and consider engaging help from a consultant (Housing & Property)

5. Systematically engage in long-range planning.
     With possible aid from or CMwD, UUA or other consultants
     a.Develop step-wise plan for staffing, including decision making about ministerial presence (Long-Range Planning)
     b.Develop criteria for when to consider moving to a larger space (Long-Range Planning)
     c.Start a growth fund (Finance)

6. Continue steps to improve decision-making and governance.
     a.Continue to develop, monitor and assure implementation of the strategic plan, with regular feedback to the congregation (President)
     b.Develop policy and procedure manual for Prairie including job descriptions for volunteer positions, train members as to its use (Secretary/President)
     c.Utilize UUA training available, consider internal training workshops (Minister)
     d.Recognize all those individuals who take on Prairie volunteer responsibilities, celebrate our successes (President)
     e.Determine an approach for the congregation to learn about the best methods of decision-making in congregations (Long-Range Planning)