Green Sanctuary/Green Congregation Committee Meeting, October 14, 2008

Present: Kathy Converse, Randy Converse, Susan Herr Hoyman, Al Nettleton, Bob Park, Barb Park, Ken Skog, and Galen Smith.

Discussion of Committee Members:
The following people have formally agreed to serve on this committee: Al Nettleton, Ken Skog, Galen Smith, Bob Park, Barb Park, Susan Herr Hoyman, Randy Converse, Kathy Converse, Mary Mullen, Bob Cape, and Amy Armstrong. We will continue to send emails to interested parties.

Discussion of Structure of Committee:
Ken suggested the committee form a steering committee composed of conveners. The conveners would each agree to coordinate a meeting (lead the meeting, send out e-mails about upcoming meetings, etc.) on a rotating basis.

Name Change:
A discussion began on changing the name of this committee from Green Sanctuary to Green Congregation Committee. This will be discussed further in future meetings.

Subcommittee Reports:

Draft Charter: First draft of the GS charter was submitted by Kathy Converse. It was discussed and editing changes will be completed by Al Nettleton for committee review.

Resolution to Approve the Charter: Al Nettleton will write a first draft of the resolution for the November Parish meeting. He will distribute for comments.

Communications: Bob Park has created a link for the committee's activities on the Prairie website. The following suggestions were made:
1. Have a GS column in the Prairie Fire on a regular basis.
2. Put information about meetings, votes and deadlines on the “Prairie News” rather than separate list.
3. Create official list of e-mails of people on/interested in this committee and send to all committee members.
4. Update membership list of this committee on a regular basis.

Congregational Assessment:
Al Nettleton reported the subcommittee is looking at the “Cool Congregations” website for ideas on how to create Prairie's Congregational Assessment.

Personal Assessment:
Randy Converse reported that 18 people have completed an assessment.
1. This subcommittee is planning on having a thermometer drawn on poster board and placed in the PUU lobby showing our movement toward our goal of 100% member participation in filling out the personal assessment. Drawing will be done in GREEN with website listed at the bottom telling folks where to go to fill out assessment on line.
2. Kate Liu should be asked to put a request to fill out assessment in Prairie Fire.
3. A hard copy of the assessment will be placed near the thermometer for those who want to do the survey/assessment in that way.

Minutes of Green Sanctuary/Congregation Meeting, October 14, 2008, page 2

Thoughts on Accreditation Sequence:
1. Have congregation approve Charter at November Parish Meeting.
2. Next complete Personal Assessment and Congregation Assessment.
3. Develop action plans.
4. Have special meeting of the congregation to ask for their approval to seek accreditation or ask for approval at the April Parish Meeting.

Suggested Agenda for Next Meeting, October 29, at 6:30 PM:
1. Final review of Charter.
2. Update on Personal and Congregational Assessments.
3. Write resolution on asking congregation to approve Charter.