Green Committee Meeting, October 29, 2008

Convener: Barb Park

Present: Amy Cape, Bob Cape, Kathy Converse, Susan Herr Hoyman, Barb Park, Bob Park, Ken Skog and Galen Smith.

Agenda reviewed:
Accept Minutes
Review Charter
Decide on committee name
Review Resolution
Updates from sub-committees
Determine next step for committee

Minutes read and accepted

Charter draft reviewed, corrections made in text. Committee name selected after discussion. It will be the Green Committee. Kathy will edit and summit charter for distribution at the Parish Meeting and to the Board.

Resolution draft reviewed and edited to reflect the committee name change and insure consistency in Green Sanctuary Program terminology. Kathy will edit and summit charter for distribution at the Parish Meeting and to the Board.

The charter/resolution sub-committee has completed its task.

The congregational assessment sub-committee had an energy audit of our building completed as a first step. They will meet next week..

The personal assessments are being completed slowly (20%). A poster was placed in the PUU lobby that shows the progress of the % of members and friends who have completed the assessments. An announcement encouraging completion of the survey was made at the October 26 service and will be in the upcoming Prairie Fire issue.

The Communications sub committee completed a link to the Green Committee and Green Sanctuary Program on the PUU web page. A direct link to the personal assessment survey was added. A discussion ensued of needed security for this link so only PUU members and friends can take the survey.

It was decided that at the next meeting we will select several potential ideas for projects within each of the required groups (Worship and Celebration (2), Religious Education (2), Environmental Justice (2), Sustainable Living (4), and Social Justice (1)). Members or visitors are encouraged to bring ideas and supporting materials for PUU community, national or global projects.

Next meeting, November 12 at 6:30 PM: Galen Smith convener
Agenda: Brainstorming ideas for GS projects

Kathy Converse