Green Committee Meeting:  November 12, 2008


Members Present:  Susan Herr- Hoyman, Kathy Converse, Randy Converse, Bob Cape,

Bob Park, Barb Park, Al Nettleton


Convenor:  Kathy


Kathy will send out final copy of theGreen Committee’s Charter and Resolution approved by the Congregation

Bob Park will post charter and resolution on Prairie website.

Kathy gives the Prairie Board monthly reports on the Green Committee’s work.


Subcommitte Updates


Congregational Assessment


Sub committee met on 11/3/08 and did a virtual assessment of the building. So they have finished the initial assessment of the building, landscaping, and day to day operations.  They will be working on these assessments in the near future that include: RE, worship, earth justice, cleaning product use and alternatives, sustainable living, and day to day management policies.


MG and E has completed an audit and made the following suggestions:

            Update ballasts in fluorescent fixtures

            Install motion detectors for all lights

            Think about thermostat improvements

            Clean radiator coils

            Insulate furnace pipes


Off the Grid has done a solar feasibility study and made these observations:

            Prairie roof great for solar applications especially for generation of electricity,

                        cost about $1000 a panel.

            Consider installing LED lighting


Action Ideas:

            Evaluate electric use of computers

            Inspect boiler

            Purchase energy use meters to monitor energy use

            Replace basement windows

            Infrared survey of building to assess air infiltration

            Weatherstrip where needed

            Replacement of refrigerator and/or dish washer

            On demand water heaters

            Rain gardens for a teaching tool (put sign in front of the garden explaining it)

            Collaborate with Allied Neighborhood Association, Dunn’s Marsh Association

            Co-sponsor “Weed Feed” with Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Assoc.

Green Committee Meeting, November 12, 2008, page 2


More Action Items

            Butterfly garden in Marlborough Park

            Use Seventh Principle language thematically

            Worship service on organic food, emphasize CSA’s  

            Highlight green ideas in Sunday program,  make progress announcements on


            “Car tire pressure” party:  underinflated tires get inflated with Al’s air compressor


Personal Assessments


We have about 28 so far.  Our “thermometer of progress” is in the Prairie lobby, thanks to Kathy.  We have made requests in the Prairie Fire and the Sunday Order of Service to fill out assessment on line or on paper (found in lobby). We will ask people to do the assessment wearing the green hat.


Communications Subcommittee:


Bob Park and Mary Mullen met to discuss communications needs.




Kathy:  contact RE Committee re its assessment

Congregational assessment subcommittee:  Bob Cape has joined this “team”.  This

            subcommittee will continue to coordinate the rest of the congregational   assessment.

Susan:  will work with Program Committee to get an assessment started.


Randy Converse

Green Committee