Green Sanctuary Committee, Dec. 10, 2008

Present:  Dave Johnson, Bob Park, Marcia Johnson, Ken Skog. Randy Converse, Kathy Converse 

Kathy reviewed minutes of 11/12/08 meeting 

Subcommittee Reports:
Communications:  Mary Mullen has resigned, too busy.
Congregational assessment:  no members present to report
Personal assessment:  35 completed so far.  We plan to put "green" ideas in Sunday Order of 
Service on regular basis to remind people to fill out an assessment if they have not already done
so. We will continue to put reminders in Prairie News and Prairie Fire. Lap tops will be provided by Ken and Bob Park on Sundays for people to do assessments. Galen asked for "green ideas" to submit to the Program Committee as part of the Worship and
Celebration component of our work. Some of the ideas were: Solar cooker workshop CSA presenter Sustainable forestry presentation Ask Spencer Black to speak on an aspect of global warming Service on area recycling programs Service on the Renewable Energy Fair Kathy presented ideas from the RE Committee for its part of Green Sanctuary: Have kids involved with the prairie outside of our building Make nameplates for plants in a future rain garden Reinstitute vegetable garden so we can talk about food and hunger issues Intergenerational at Thanksgiving on hunger Trips to nearby Community Garden where foods of different cultures can be seen Use outdoors as a classroom as much as possible (Galen's idea): Kathy Converse can contribute wildlife ideas More Action Plan Ideas: Being involved in the Food and Faith Conference: PUU could participate by making solar
cookers in RE that we use in a potluck. Judy Skog is already involved with this group. Doing a Northwest Earth Institute curriculum on food: Dave Johnson wants to be involved with this if it happens Tour of Goodwill and other recycling programs in the area Trip to Renewable Energy Fair after a presentation on it at a Sunday Service Viewing the movie Gleanings (finding use for used products) Becoming involved in local Freecycle group Tour of Aldo Leopold Center Discussion of utility rate structure Posters around Prairie playing up Green Sanctuary Green Committee Meeting, December 10,2008, page 2 Immediate Tasks: The committee members are to look through all the Action Items so far presented and place the
appropriate ones in the category they are assigned. Dave, Susan, Galen: Worship and Celebration Kathy: RE Bob Cape, Al: Sustainable Living Bob Park, Amy, Randy: Social Justice Next Meetings: January 7, January 21, 2009