Green Committee Meeting, January 7, 2009

Present: Al Nettleton, Marsha Johnson, Dave Johnson, Bob Cape, Amy Armstrong, Ken Skog, Randy Converse, Kathy Converse, Galen Smith, Barb Park, Bob Park.

NEXT MEETING: January 21, 2009, 6:30 PM.

Task Force Reports

RE (Kathy, Amy):
Signs for PUU prairie: a demonstration project for neighborhood rather than energy conservation project
Outdoor projects: bring wildlife to your backyard, butterfly garden, shrubs, with berries, other plantings
Adult RE program on energy conservation issues such as recycling, transportation: select based on personal assessments.

Sustainable Living (Al, Bob C.):
Favorite projects:
Portable meter for all PUU members/friends to use to measure electrical use
Tire air pressure check gatherings
Rain garden
PV system on roof of PUU- concern was expressed that we concentrate on simple ways to reduce natural gas use rather than invest money in PV arrays
Other thoughts: in terms of energy reduction, should we replace the dish washer?
Dave Johnson willing to coordinate NWEI food study course if it becomes an action item

Worship (Galen):
History of Earth Day a possible service
Galen is open to doing workshop on edible weeds.

Environmental Justice (Bob P, Randy):
Possible projects:
Micro lending to Kiva or Madison Quaker My Lai project
Letter writing on DNR issues
Recycling project with Peter Anderson input
Work with WNPJ on an environmental issue

Data Collecting:
Al made point that it is important to define specifically what kinds of data we will be collecting to verify our successes/failures.

Al is in process of writing up the entire Community Assessment.
Randy/Amy will summarize the personal assessment surveys

GOAL: Early February deadline for submission of Green Sanctuary application.

Each task force to write proposals with specifics for 3 action plans. In format include the following:

Type of Activity i.e.: Religious Education

Overview of why, what and where of project:


Target Audience:


Status: (will be used as project progresses)

Randy Converse

PS.Reminder of the activities needed for the application:

The GS Program includes a variety of environmental activities in four focus areas. Each congregation will choose (#) activities in the following areas (total 12):

(2) Worship and Celebration

(2) Religious Education

(2) Environmental Justice*

(4) Sustainable Living

(2) From any above area

* (1) Social Justice Project must be ongoing with another organization to address environmental justice in community or world.