Green Committee Meeting, January 21, 2009

Present: Al Nettleton., Galen Smith., Bob Park., Barb Park., Ken Skog., Randy Converse., Kathy Converse., Bob Cape

Proposals were distributed prior to meeting and changes or new proposals suggested. (Review drafts of proposals available upon request)

RE by Kathy C.
1 Kathy C. reviewed 3 proposals on prairie education, adult RE on environmental issues and creation of education outdoor space and uses of the space for children's RE monthly spirit circles.
2 Dave Johnson's NWEI food curriculum (politics of food) was selected as first adult RE offering.
3 Include in adult RE proposal by Bob C and Amy Armstrong to establish a "green" section to our lending library to include books on environmental themes.
4 Activity 1 on Prairie education, signs and brochures was moved to the Other category to combine with sustainable living proposals on the prairie and creation of a rain garden. Al suggested the words "essentially unmanaged" be deleted from Activity #3. All present agreed Steve Blank to be approached to help with signs for Activity #1 (prairie use education).

Sustainable Living by Al and Bob C
1 Four proposals were presented on decreasing PUU energy use, PUU member energy challenge with prizes, explore process of installing photovoltaic cells on PUU building as learning workshop, prairie restoration and education, install a rain garden, and creating education signs and brochures on the prairie, rain garden and children's gardens for distribution to the public for education.
2 Suggestion for a buy a plant drive for the rain garden.
3 Proposal #2, the member energy challenge, will have prizes for individual achievements. Add a bike maintenance clinic. The idea of giving fresh produce to food pantries that grown in PUU member's gardens and possibly a garden in the PUU backyard.

Environmental Justice
1 Randy C. presented a proposal on micro-lending through the My Lai Peace Project sponsored by the Madison Quakers. Bob P reviewed possible local and state agency activities we could work with on a political focus. The idea of doing an action involving ethical investing of PUU funds was discussed. It was suggested that we expand our existing work at Allied Drive, Porchlight (men's homeless shelter), and The Road Home (IHN) was suggested. The committee agreed to do: (1) the micro-lending action and (2) the ethical investing of PUU funds action.

(1) Propose and document the services with environmental justice or sustainable living that will be presented in next 18 months. The will include Earth Day. Solstice celebration, Darwin Day, etc.)
(2) Participants in NWEI curriculum present the conclusions they garnered from participation in the curriculum.
(3) A service on local CSA's prior to their annual fair. Encourage members to sign up.

Writing of Final Proposals

The final proposals for each group and the congregational, personal assessments and communication plan will be submitted to Kathy C. She will combine them in one document and submit it to Ken Skog and Galen Smith for review by January 29, 2009:

Green Committee Meeting, January 21, 2009, Page 2

The following assignments ((#) activities) were agreed upon at the meeting:
1 (2) Worship and celebration: (combined services and NWEI service-Kathy C., CSA'a Ken S.)
2 (2) RE Adult RE class and children's education outdoor space: (Kathy C.)
3 (4) Sustainable Living: (Bob C, Al N.)
4 4(2) Environmental Justice: (Micro lending-Randy C., ethical investing, Barb P.) investing)
5 (2) Other: Prairie restoration, creating educational signs and brochures for public use to accompany rain garden, prairie and butterfly gardens (both from Sustainable living) (Al N., and Bob C.)
Communications plan: Bob P.
Congregational assessment: Al N.
Personal Assessment: (Randy C., Amy A.)

Minutes submitted by: Randy Converse