Green Committee, Meeting Minutes: April 1, 2009
Members Present: Bob Cape, Kathy Converse, Amy Armstrong, Randy Converse

The purpose of this meeting was to review each project in the submitted Action Plan of PUU's Green Sanctuary Program, determine the starting date, set a preliminary schedule on the calendar and suggest possible facilitators for each project.

Worship, spiritual practice, and/or church community celebration

Project 1: Provide Sunday services celebrating environmental awareness (Earth Day, investments, energy efficiency, My Lai, etc.)

Facilitator: Kathy Converse
Time Line: ongoing in coordination with program committee and various project facilitators

Project #2: Provide a Sunday service on Community Supported Agriculture

Facilitator: Ken Skog
Time line: May, 2009 or May, 2010 prior to the CSA annual Fair

Project #3: Provide a Sunday Service on the Northwest Earth Institute course on "Menu for the Future"

Facilitator: Dave Johnson
Time line: December, 2009 after completion of the course

Religious Education Programs

Project #4: Provide the Northwest Earth Institute course: "Menu for the Future"-Adult Lifelong Learning

Facilitator: Dave Johnson
Time line: Dave wants to begin this course in late October-early November, 2009, $20/person, participants may donate their books to "green" library at end of course

Project #5: Add books to our lending library that promote environmental awareness
Facilitator: Amy Armstrong
Time Line: Amy will soon propose a space in the building for these "green books"

Project #6: Create an urban/suburban environment with native plants and wildlife-Youth R.E.
Facilitators: Kathy C., Karen D., Amy A., Barb P.
Time line: garden-start planning gardens and dig soil spring, 2009 Outside Spirit Circles to discuss project-Late Spring, 2009

Environmental Justice

Project #7: Participate in My Lai Peace Project
Facilitator: Randy Converse
Time line: begin collection of gifts from Chalate to sell to raise money, summer, 2009

Project #8: Explore investing PUU funds in "green" investments and educate PUU community on how to do this
Facilitator(s): Randy Converse, Barb Park
Time line: Begin exploring options summer, 2009

Sustainable Living

Project #9: Decrease energy consumption in meeting house
Facilitator: Al Nettleton
Time line: ongoing, begin spring, 2009

Project #10: Prairie Member Energy Challenge (check tire pressure, circulate energy use monitor, electronic bulletin board, etc.)
Facilitator: Bob Cape
Time line: begin summer, 2009

Project #11: Explore PV on PUU roof
Facilitator: Al N., Bob C.
Time line: ongoing

Project #12: Restore PUU's prairie and create a rain garden
Facilitator (s): Al, Amy, Galen, Barb P., Karen D.
Time line: begin excavating summer, 2009, plant in fall, 2009