Prairie Sunday Programs June 2001 to May 2002

June 3, 2001Larry Nahlik"Healthy Congregations and Conflict" 
June 10 "Finding Peace in Nature" at Margaret's Council Ring, UW Arboretum 
June 17Robin Carre"Advocating for Sexuality Education, Health and Justice"L4 Tp mp3
June 24Bev Cann, Karen Lucas, Denise Jess and Jani KeosterSummer solstice program 
July 1 Independence Day picnic at Grindrod/Durkin residence 
July 8Nancy Schraufnagel and Bob Reuschlein"Sinkford, Chief Wahoo, and Globalization" 
July 15 Vacation day (no meeting at Prairie) 
July 22Bev Cann"GLSEN in the Schools" 
July 29 "Ministry is All That We Do - Together", annual joint area congregations service at the Free Congregation of Sauk County 
Aug. 5Orie Loucks"UU Position on Responsible Consumption: What Does It Mean to Us?" 
Aug. 12 Discussion of short film, "Flight of the Stone" 
Aug. 19John Stuart and Suzanne Phillips"Starting Down the Path" 
Aug. 26Angela MerkertPrairie parish meeting to discuss growth, 8:45 am - 3:30 pm 
Sept. 2 Canoe party 
Sept. 9Jean Matos"Textile Arts"L1
Sept. 14-16 Fall retreat at Bethel Horizons 
Sept. 23Jean Matos"Three-Dimentional Art"L1 Tp
Sept. 30Per Kielland-Lund, Mike Chesney and Jennifer Olsen"Deep Ecology and the UU Resolution"L2 Tp
Oct. 7Sandy Ingham"An Eye For An Eye?"L3 Tp
Oct. 14Jean Matos"Painting, Drawing and Printmaking"L1 Tp
Oct. 21Bev Cann"How Homophobia Hurts Us All" 
Oct. 28Ruth Calden"All Soul's Day"Tp
Nov. 4Jean Matos"Photography"L1
Nov. 11Sandy Ingham"Regretting, Remembering, Returning"L3
Nov. 18Joseph Elder and Cindy Haq"Understanding Conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan"Tp oos
Nov. 25Larry Nahlik"Passage of Wisdom" (intergenerational service)Tp
Dec. 2Warren Hagstrom"Our Personal Encounters with Christianity"oos
Dec. 9Sandy Ingham"What Would Jesus Do?"L3
Dec. 16Rosemarie Lester and Doleta Chapru"Words and Music of the Season" 
Dec. 23Erin BoschIntergenerational Symbol Tree CelebrationTp
Dec. 30Barbara ChattertonFirst annual game day 
Jan. 6, 2002Judy Skog"Spirituality: What the heck is it, anyway?" 
Jan. 13Sandy Ingham"Bridging the Gaps"L3 Tp
Jan. 20Social Action Committee"Martin Luther King - Nonviolent Peace Activist"oos trn
Jan. 27Amy Owen"Risking for a Better World"Tp
Feb. 3Sustainability Study Group"Choices for Sustainability"L2 Tp
Feb. 10Robin CarreValentine's Day Intergenerational 
Feb. 17Sandy Ingham"What's Love Got to Do With It?"L3 Tp
Feb. 24Deep Ecology Study Group"Voluntary Simplicity"L2 Tp
March 3Frank Paynter"Iraq: Campaign of Conscience"Tp oos
March 10Dan Proud"A Celebration in Song"Tp
March 17Deep Ecology Study Group"Deep Ecology"L2
March 24Sandy Ingham"Why have a Church?"L3 Tp
March 31Barbara ChattertonIntergenerational Service 
April 7Erin Bosch"UUs in a Nutshell"Tp
April 14Deep Ecology Study GroupDeep Ecology - ConclusionL2
April 21Jody Whelden"We Belong to Each Other" 
April 28Warren Hagstrom and Doleta Chapru"Cole Porter's Life and Music"Tp oos
May 5Robin Proud"Margaret Fuller"Tp notes
May 12Rev. Shana Goodwin"Identity"Tp oos
May 19Erin Bosch"Transitions Sunday" 
May 26 Memorial Day Picnic 

L1 = lay ministry - Jean Matos: Creativity and the Arts
L2 = lay ministry - Rick Ruecking: Deep Ecology
L3 = lay ministry - Sandy Ingham: UU Connections
L4 = lay ministry - Robin Carre: Our Whole Lives (OWL)
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available
oos = link to order of service
Tp = audio cassette available
trn = link to transcript