Gala History Book Launch Party Set for April 27

Put it on your calendar now - the fabulous Prairie History Book release party, scheduled for 7 pm on Saturday, April 27, at Prairie. Itís a time to enjoy the fruits of the labor of the Prairie History Committee which has resulted in a 2-volume history of the congregation: Prairie UU Society: 50 Years in the Life of a Congregation, 1967-2017, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Whatís in store? Three things.

Food and drink. Wine, hot cider, cheese, and cookies for certain. (Feel free to contact Barbara Park if you want to bring something.)

An entertaining program of short readings from the books. Many voices will make this program seem all too short, but we hope it will whet your appetite.

The opportunity to pick up a set of books. If youíve ordered and paid for the color or black and white version of the set, that set can go into your hands the moment you hit the door. If you have commited to buy a set in black and white but havenít paid for it yet, weíll take your payment and give you the books after the program. Cost of black and white version is $37. For that, you get 966 pages of fascinating material: history, articles, stories, interviews, memories, poetry, hundreds of photos and scans, a few tables and charts, a list of all our designated leaders, a year-by-year chronology, and an index.

If you havenít yet officially told the History Committee that you want a set, do it now. Weíll have about 100 copies of the black and white set on hand that night. For more information on the books, follow this link.

If you missed the deadline to order the color version but still want that, call History Chair Mary Mullen for details (608) 298-0843. The cost of the color set was $144.