Wild Women of the West

Five years ago, Rev. Sandy Ingham told us about some of the Unitarian and Universalist women ministers who went west to fill pulpits that most men were not interested in having — life was too rough on the frontier and the pay was pitiful. It is time to revisit the stories of these women who were active in our faith tradition in the late 1800s and into the beginning of the twentieth century. The “west,” the frontier, at that point in time, was here in the Midwest. The women were way ahead of their time. They were gutsy, determined, unbelievably hard-working, largely unknown and unappreciated until, in 1990, a woman named Cynthia Grant Tucker published a book, Prophetic Sisterhood, about them. In this sermon, Rev. Sandy shared an entirely different narrative about the wild west from the one you probably were taught in school.