Prairie Sunday Programs June 1999 - May 2000

June 6, 1999Nikki Bromberg and Warren Hagstrom"The Religious Significance of Dogs"
June 13, 1999Susan Hagstrom and Metje Butler"Making Connections with the Natural World"
June 20, 1999Rick Ruecking"Vacations: Miracles and Disasters"Tp
June 27, 1999Annabelle Argand"Labor of Love"L3
July 4, 1999 Independence Day Picnic at Shirley Grindrod's
July 11, 1999Mary Sykes"Relationships: The Heart of Community"Tp
July 18, 1999Mary Sykes"Protection and Advocacy For the Most Vulnerable Members of Our Community"Tp
July 25, 1999Pat Watkins and Nancy Schraufnagel"Report from General Assembly" oos
Aug. 1, 1999 Joint service at Free Congregation of Sauk County
Aug. 8, 1999Nancy Graham"War on Drugs"Tp
Aug. 15, 1999Kay Frazier and Ben Rodriguez"Shel Silverstein's 'Missing Piece'"oos
Aug. 22, 1999Nikki Bromberg"Photographic Images of Our Lives"Tp oos
Aug. 29, 1999Mary Kay Baum"Interfaith Cooperation: The MUM Story"Tp oos
Sept. 3-5, 1999 Annual Retreat at Bethel Horizons
Sept. 12, 1999, 2:00-3:30 pmDarald Hanusa and Prairie youth"Lessons from Littleton" town meeting
Sept. 19, 1999 "Introduction to Prairie People and Programs"
Sept. 26, 1999Robin Carré"Thinking Like Leonardo"Tp oos
Oct. 3, 1999Marilyn and Rick Ruecking"Hunting for Hope: How Art Enriches Our Lives"L1 Tp
Oct. 10, 1999Anthony Brown"Madison Equal Opportunity Commission"Tp oos
Oct. 17, 1999Rick Ruecking"Family Ritual: Hunting for Hope"Tp
Oct. 24, 1999Tammy Baldwin"United Nations Sunday: The Honorable Tammy Baldwin, Congressional Rep. for Wis. 2nd District"Tp mp3
Oct. 31, 1999Ruth Calden and Lisa Glueck"All Souls' Day Celebration"Tp
Nov. 7, 1999Karen Gross"Thoughts Before Departing the States to Join the Peace Corps"oos
Nov. 14, 1999Pat Watkins"Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday"L2 Tp
Nov. 21, 1999Warren Hagstrom"Conspicuous Consumption"Tp* oos
Nov. 28, 1999RE Program"Squanto"
Dec. 5, 1999Mary Ann Macklin"The Welcoming Table"Tp
Dec. 12, 1999Anthony Brown"The Madison Equal Opportunity Commission"L2 oos
Dec. 19, 1999High school classSymbol Tree ServiceIn Tp oos
Dec. 26, 1999Karen GrossSeasonal Sharing Circle
Jan. 2, 2000Al Nettleton"Reflections on the Millennium"
Jan. 9, 2000Pat Watkins"Do We Consume Things or Do They Consume Us?"L2 Tp oos
Jan. 16, 2000Warren Hagstrom and Doleta Chapru"Our Korean Friends"Tp oos
Jan. 23, 2000Doleta Chapru and Warren Hagstrom"Duke Ellington: Music of the Soul"Tp oos
Jan. 30, 2000Hilde Surbaugh"Planned Parenthood"Tp
Feb. 6, 2000Pat Watkins"Black History in Song, Poetry and Prose"Tp
Feb. 13, 2000Randy Converse"Valentine's Day - Chinese New Year's Intergenerational Service"In
Feb. 20, 2000Warren Hagstrom"The Trickster"Tp oos
Feb. 27, 2000Jennifer Parker and Doleta Chapru"Respectful Disagreement: Between Nicey-Nice and Spilling Blood"Tp
March 5, 2000Kay Frazier"Regeneration Through Music"L1 Tp oos
March 12, 2000Pat Watkins"The Parish Poll: Congregational Directives for General Assembly"L2 Tp oos
March 19, 2000Warren Hagstrom and Al Nettleton"Richard Feynman: A Curious Character"Tp oos
March 26, 2000Doleta Chapru and Warren Hagstrom"Emily Dickinson: Musical Settings of her Poems"Tp
April 2, 2000Susan Ramspacher"Domestic Violence: Challenges We Face in the Future"Tp
April 9, 2000Barb Park and panel"Our Spiritual Journeys"Tp
April 16, 2000Kay Frazier, Rosemarie Lester, Rachel Long, Karen Gross"Hunting for Hope - A Word or Two from Literature"L1 Tp oos
April 23, 2000Warren Hagstrom, K.K. Anderson"All About Bunnies: Easter Intergenerational Program"In
April 30, 2000Jennifer Parker"Assertive Communication: Playing with the Techniques"
May 7, 2000"The Dominican Republic"
May 14, 2000Osh Anderson"In Praise of Bicycles"Tp
May 21, 2000Erin Bosch"Ages and Stages"Tp
May 28, 2000 Memorial Day Picnic Potluck at Rick Owens and Amy Wilcox's home

In = intergenerational service
L1 = lay ministry on Hunting for Hope - Kay Frazier
L2 = lay ministry on Going About Denominational Business - Pat Watkins
L3 = lay ministry on Art and Religion - Anne Pryor
oos = link to order of service
Tp = audio cassette available
* Due to taping error, only the last 30 min. of the 11/21/99 program was recorded.
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available