Prairie Sunday Programs June 2004 to May 2005

June 6, 2004Marty Drapkin"Pictures of Mothers and Daughters" 
June 13, 2004Amanda White"Save Gas with Community Car" 
June 20, 2004Judy Skog"Labyrinth Walking Meditation" 
June 27, 2004Galen and Rose Smith"Favorite Books to Share for Summer Reading" 
July 4, 2004 Independence Day Picnic at Hoyt ParkIn
July 11, 2004Susan Urban"Nothing Left to Lose: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin" 
July 18, 2004Rev. Sarah Oelberg"Pledging Allegiance"trn
July 25, 2004Mike and Norma Briggs"Same-sex marriage: a UU Perspective" 
Aug. 1, 2004Mary Somers (for Prairie)"Social Concerns in an Election Year," four congregation service at Sauk City 
Aug. 8, 2004Kathy Converse and Sarah Lord"Looking Outward/Defining Our Strengths" 
Aug. 15, 2004Dan Proud and Prairie musicians"Peace Like a River, Joy Like a Fountain"Tp
Aug. 22, 2004Judy Skog"How Far Can Reach a Smile?" 
Aug. 29, 2004Rick Ruecking and Erin Bosch Intergenerational Game DayIn
Sept. 5, 2004 Canoe, kayaks, and picnic at Wingra ParkIn
Sept. 12, 2004Robin Proud and Barbara Chatterton"Ingathering and Sharing the Waters" 
Sept. 19, 2004Annual Retreat At Bethel HorizonsIn
Sept. 26, 2004Rev. Sarah Oelberg"Coming Together"trn
Oct. 3, 2004Leona Balek"Church/State Issues in 2004"trn
Oct. 10, 2004Mike Briggs and Dan Proud"Woody Guthrie How Does He Speak to UUs?" 
Oct. 17, 2004Rev. Nels Oas"Public Issues, Politics, and the Pulpit" 
Oct. 24, 2004Bob Lawrence"Have There Ever Been Examples of Tolerant, Creative, or Progressive Islamic Civilizations?"L1
Oct. 31, 2004Orange SchroederAll Souls Day service 
Nov. 7, 2004Susan Conant"Susan Conant and Friends: A Participatory Music Program" 
Nov. 14, 2004Barb Park, panel"Prairie and Allied Partners" 
Nov. 21, 2004Donna Murdoch and panel"Mental Illness: Stories of Recovery" 
Nov. 28, 2004Program Committee"Harvest Treasures: Thanksgiving Intergenerational Service"In
Dec. 5, 2004Bob Lawrence"Judaism and Islam: Commonalities and Conflict Resolution"L1
Dec. 12, 2004Warren Hagstrom"What Can We Learn from the Jesus Myth?" 
Dec. 19, 2004Erin BoschSymbol Tree intergenerational serviceIn
Dec. 26, 2004The Converse family"A Morning of Games and Laughter" 
Jan. 2, 2005Mary Mullen and Patty Stockdale"Singing Out Our UU History" 
Jan. 9, 2005Sarah Lord"Music, What Soothes the Soul" 
Jan. 16, 2005Rev. Sarah Oelberg"Is Tolerance Always a Virtue?" 
Jan. 23, 2005Linda Sheehy"Death as a Part of Life's Journey" 
Jan. 30, 2005Mike Briggs, Dan Proud, and Maggie Siegfried"Pete: UU Themes in the Music of Pete Seeger" 
Feb. 6, 2005Roger Bannerman"Building a Rain Garden" 
Feb. 13, 2005RE committeeValentine's Day intergenerational serviceIn
Feb. 20, 2005Program Committee"Our Dynamic UU Principles" 
Feb. 27, 2005Metje Butler"Creativity.. the Best Medicine" 
March 6, 2005Dirk Herr-Hoyman"Libre Software: Issues on Intellectual Property" 
March 13, 2005Dan Proud"Let Justice Flow" 
March 20, 2005Galen Smith and RE Committee Earth Day and Equinox Celebration 
March 27, 2005Rose Smith"Celebrating Easter in Poetry and Prose" 
April 3, 2005Hana Jon Taylor, Susan Fox, and Orange Schroeder"The Role of Arts in Healing and Spiritual Growth" 
April 10, 2005Richard Davidson"Science, Meditation, and Happiness" 
April 17, 2005Mike McCabe"Rehabilitating Democracy in Wisconsin from the Grassroots"oos
April 24, 2005Elena Meyer"Latinos in Wisconsin" 
May 1, 2005Norma Briggs and Barb Park"Gardening as Rejuvenation" 
May 8, 2005Transition Sunday service with Erin Bosch"Ages and Stages" 
May 15, 2005Rev. Jody Whelden"Standing Inside the Fire" 
May 22, 2005Larry Nahlik"Tsunami Relief in Thailand" 
May 29, 2005 Memorial Day Weekend Picnic at the Briggs'In

In = intergenerational service or activity
L1 = lay ministry - Bob Lawrence
oos = link to order of service
Tp = audio cassette available
trn = link to online transcript