Prairie Sunday Programs June 2010 to May 2011

Order of Service
June 6, 2010Rachel Long"Reverend Abhi Janamanchi: Faith in the Borderland"Tp oos
June 13, 2010Rev. Ralph Tyksinski"Capek's Gift"Tp oos
June 20, 2010Nick Abts"Society, Unitarian Universalism and Fatherhood"oos
June 27, 2010Nick Abts was unable to establish the intended live connection to GA via the Internet"General Assembly LIVE"
July 4, 2010Mary Mullen"Reclaiming the Flag: What We Love About Our Country"Tr oos
July 11, 2010Prairie study group"Menu for the Future"oos
July 18, 2010Jennifer Friedman"Singing Our Peace"
July 25, 2010Barbara Park"Faith of our Fathers (or Mothers)" (at multi-congregation gathering at the Free Congregation of Sauk County)
Aug. 1, 2010Rose Smith"Summer Reads"Bk oos
Aug. 8, 2010Rachel & Phyllis Long, Dorothy Krause"Worth and Dignity of All People: UU's and Arizona Migrants"
Aug. 15, 2010Rev. Jane Esbensen"To Do Good is My Religion"Tr
Aug. 22, 2010Jim Carpenter"Testing and Teacher Accountability"mp3 Tr
Aug. 29, 2010Barbara Chatterton"Sharing the Water of Life"In oos
Sept. 5, 2010Rabbi Renee Bauer"Labor Day: Honoring Workers, Pursuing Justice"mp3
Sept. 12, 2010Nick Abts and Ken Haydock."Law and Morality"mp3
Sept. 19, 2010"Key Log Ceremony"In
Sept. 26, 2010John and Rebecca Eliganti."Immigration: A Broken System"oos
Oct. 3, 2010Rachel Long"Association Sunday: Celebrating 50 Years and the Future of Our Faith"
Oct. 10, 2010Rev. Jane Esbensen"Not Everything Under the Sun: What Does It Mean To Be UU?"
Oct. 17, 2010Doleta Chapru"Gay-Affirming Religious Groups: Good News for Human Rights"
Oct. 24, 2010Randy Converse"Tai Chi as a form of Spirituality"
Oct. 31, 2010Dorothy Krause"Day of the Dead"
Nov. 7, 2010Rev. Selena Fox"Respect for the Web of All Existence: How Wicca Affirms and Promotes Our 7th Principle"
Nov. 14, 2010Rev. Jane Esbensen"Words, Words, Words"mp3
Nov. 21, 2010Robin Proud"Stone Soup"In oos
Nov. 28, 2010Panel of Prairie members"This I Believe"
Dec. 5, 2010Sister Mary David Walgenbach, and Mary Lynn Adams"How Benedictine Values Affirm and Promote the 7th Principle"
Dec. 12, 2010Winter storm day
Dec. 19, 2010Karen Deaton"A Very Prairie Holiday"In
Dec. 26, 2010All Society PotluckIn
Jan. 2, 2011Milele Chikesa Anana"Kwanzaa as an Everyday Occasion"mp3 oos
Jan. 9, 2011Michael Johnson"Raising the Next Generation of Productive Adults"
Jan. 16, 2011Rev. Jane Esbensen"In the Midst of Darkness"mp3 oos
Jan. 23, 2011Margaret Carpenter"Correctional Education"mp3
Jan. 30, 2011Marty Drapkin"Educating the Jailers"mp3
Feb. 6, 2011Amit Mangar"Hinduism and How it Affirms and Promotes the 7th Principle"mp3 oos
Feb. 13, 2011Rev. Jane Esbensen"Standing on the Side of Love"mp3 oos
Feb. 20, 2011Rev. Jane Esbensen"For the Love of God"mp3 oos
Feb. 27, 2011Peggy Wireman"Reframing the Conversation about Workers and Wealth: from Myth to Reality"mp3
March 6, 2011Dr. Satwant Dhillon"Interrelationship of Sikhism and Nature"oos
March 13, 2011Rev. Jane Esbensen"Whatever Happened to the 60's?"mp3
March 20, 2011Sue Elias"The Occupaton: Non-Violent Peace and Justice Initiatives by Palestinians and Israelis"mp3 oos
March 27, 2011Jackie Millar"Heart to Heart: a Personal Journey Through Restorative Justice"oos
April 3, 2011Fred Edwords"A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art"mp3 oos Tr
April 10, 2011RE students"Jesus and the Easter Bunny"In oos
April 17, 2011Rev. Jane Esbensen"The Ground of Our Being"mp3 oos
April 24, 2011Ruth Calden and Mary Mullen"A Freedom Seder: Celebration of the Exodus and Freedom Movements Throughout the World"oos
May 1, 2011Rev. Kalen Fristad"Universalism: Past, Present and Powerful"mp3
May 8, 2011Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth"Sown in Tears: Family Letters From Bleeding Kansas"
May 15, 2011Peter Anderson"Childhood's End"mp3 oos
May 22, 2011Barbara Park"Singing the First 100 Years of Universalist History"mp3 oos Tr
May 29, 2011David Giffey"Military Service and Religion: Should They Coexist?"mp3

Bk = booklist online
In = intergenerational service
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available
oos = link to order of service
Tp = audio cassette of entire service available
Tr = online transcript available