Prairie Sunday Programs June 2015 to May 2016

June 7, 2015RE"It Takes a Village"
June 14, 2015Rose SmithSummer Reads
June 21, 2015"Make Music Madison"
June 28, 2015Rose Stephenson"A Talk with Rev. Olympia Brown"
July 5, 2015"Only in America"
July 12, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"Wounds that Heal"mp3
July 19, 2015Beth Gehred"Mondragon Cooperative Corporation"
July 26, 2015Service at Sauk County
Aug. 2, 2015Dean Hinmon"Choices"mp3
Aug. 9, 2015Johanna Hatch"Women and Personhood"mp3
Aug. 16, 2015Rev. Scott Gerard Prinster"Ever Changing Answers to Ever ChangingQuestions"mp3
Aug. 23, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"Coming Out"mp3
Aug. 30, 2015Kaleem Caire"Justified Anger"mp3
Sept. 6, 2015Rob Brink"Overcoming Confirmation Bias:Advice from an Ex-Pastor"mp3
Sept. 13, 2015"Sharing Our Journeys: A Water Ceremonyand Building Dedication"
Sept. 20, 2015"Visiting Days: A Sharing Service"
Sept. 27, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"Humanism: Hubris and Humility"mp3
Oct. 4, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"Humanism, Hubris OR Humility"mp3
Oct. 11, 2015Robin Proud"Maria Mitchell, Astronomer"
Oct. 18, 2015Kathy and Randy Converse"Religious Education: Guiding Our Children's Search for Truth and Meaning"
Oct. 25, 2015Captain Joe Balles"Restorative Justice"
Nov. 1, 2015All Souls Day
Nov. 8, 2015Maxine Niel"Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Update"
Nov. 15, 2015Anne Urbanski"Transgender Day of Remembrance"
Nov. 22, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"Head in the Clouds"mp3
Nov. 29, 2015Rev. Sandra Ingham"All I Want for Christmas...Is to Be MoreBuddhist"mp3
Dec. 6, 2015Matt Tedesco"The Ethics of Assistance"mp3
Dec. 13, 2015Kelly Herda and Khary Penebacker"Never Forget - Newtown"mp3
Dec. 20, 2015The Symbol Tree
Dec. 27, 2015Rick Ruecking"Magi Among Us (UUs)"
Jan. 3, 2016All Sing Sunday
Jan. 10, 2016Kathy Converse"Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles:How They Define Our Community"mp3
Jan. 17, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Cloud Cover"
Jan. 24, 2016Randy Converse and Al Nettleton"A Tribute to Fred Rogers"mp3
Jan. 31, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Screen Saver"mp3
Feb. 7, 2016Luci Chickowero"Rozaria Girls Club"mp3
Feb. 14, 2016Gary Gates"Preamble to the Seven Principles and Prairie"mp3
Feb. 21, 2016Faith Cholvin"Our Second Principle and Overcoming Racism"mp3
Feb. 28, 2016Jackie Hunt"Yahara House: A Place for Recovery Through Relationships and Work"mp3
March 6, 2016Service Auction
March 13, 2016Kathy Converse and Mary Mullen"Gardening: Body, Mind, and Soul"mp3
March 20, 2016Robin Proud"Charles Dickens"mp3
March 27, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Revisiting Easter"mp3
April 3, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Screen Test"mp3
April 10, 2016Rev. Jody Whelden"Embracing Chaos: What Is Going on in theWorld and How We Can Welcome It"mp3
April 17, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Universalist Design"mp3
April 24, 2016Peter Anderson"Rendezvous With Destiny"mp3
May 1, 2016"Intro to Paganism"
May 8, 2016Log service at Retreat
May 15, 2016Ron Frye"Acceptance"mp3
May 22, 2016Holly Tellander"Transitions"In
May 29, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Civil Society"mp3

In = intergenerational service
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available
(mp3 file of entire service available on request)