Prairie Sunday Programs June 2016 to May 2017

June 5, 2016Prof. David Drake"The UW Urban Canid Project: Promoting a peaceful co-existence between humans and urban canids"
June 12, 2016Rose and Nevenah Smith"Summer Reads"
June 19, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"The Journey -- Jubilant and Joyful, Jolting and Jaded"
June 26, 2016Anne Urbanski"Fear is the path to the Dark Side: The inherent worth and dignity of every personversus fear of The Other"mp3
July 3, 2016Ken Haydock"The Right of Conscienceand the Democratic Process"mp3
July 10, 2016Dr. Jennifer Pruitt"Islamic Art"
July 17, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Good for Nothing"mp3
July 24, 2016Joint service with the Free Congregation of Sauk County"In My Back Yard"
July 31, 2016"Let's Blow Our Horns: Prairie Composers"mp3
Aug. 7, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"In Three-Part Harmony"mp3
Aug. 14, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"A Space to Heal"mp3
Aug. 21, 2016John Givens"Circle of Support"
Aug. 28, 2016Robin Proud"Out of this World: UUs and Science Fiction"mp3
Sept. 4, 2016In-Gathering Service
Sept. 11, 2016Matt Tedesco"Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning"mp3
Sept. 18, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"In the Beginning"mp3
Sept. 25, 2016Jan Miyasaki"Respect"mp3
Oct. 2, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"I'm Sorry." "I'm Sorry?" "I'm Sorry!"mp3
Oct. 9, 2016Eric Severson"Mastery and Mystery"
Oct. 16, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time"
Oct. 23, 2016Randy Converse, Peter Anderson, Aileen Nettleton, and Penny Eiler"The Goal of World Community"
Oct. 30, 2016Ruth Calden"Ways of Remembering"
Nov. 6, 2016Mike McCabe"What Ails Our Democracy"mp3
Nov. 13, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Legitimizing Hate: A Story of Betrayal"mp3
Nov. 20, 2016RE"Defying Hate"
Nov. 27, 2016Randy and Kathy Converse"Nonviolent Peaceforce"
Dec. 4, 2016Rev. Sandra Ingham"Sages, Seers, and Superheroes"mp3
Dec. 11, 2016Ken Lonnquist et al."Old Befana"
Dec. 18, 2016Symbol Tree
Dec. 25, 2016Christmas at Prairie
Jan. 1, 2017Hymn Request and Sing
Jan. 8, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"Loose Connections"mp3
Jan. 15, 2017Tosumba Welch"Martin Luther King, Jr."mp3
Jan. 22, 2017Dawn Hayslett"Do You Know the Principles?"mp3
Jan. 29, 2017Rob Brink"The Ethics of Power: how one small idea makes every choice simpler"mp3
Feb. 5, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"Mentor to the Stars"mp3
Feb. 12, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"If Only..."mp3
Feb. 19, 2017FUSís MOSES Ministry Team"The Abuse of Revocation in Wisconsin"mp3
Feb. 26, 2017Dr. Gayle Reed"The International Forgiveness Institute"mp3
March 5, 2017Service Auction
March 12, 2017Robin Proud"Louisa Adams"mp3
March 19, 2017Helen Avakian and Dave Irwin"As the Pendulum Swings"mp3
March 26, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"You've Come a Long Way, Baby!?"mp3
April 2, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"The Big Ten"mp3
April 9, 2017Tammy Fleming"Friends of State Street Family"mp3
April 16, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"Exuberance Unbounded"mp3
April 23, 2017Abigail Swetz"Human Being: VERB"mp3
April 30, 2017Rev. Sandra Ingham"I've Got Those Backlash Blues"mp3
May 7, 2017"Music and the UU Principles"
May 14, 2017Key Log ceremony
May 21, 2017Rep. Chris Taylor"Corruption of Our Democracy"mp3
May 28, 2017"Transitions Sunday"In

In = intergenerational service
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available
(mp3 file of entire service available on request)
Tr = online transcript or PowerPoint slides available