Programs by Anne Urbanski 1993 to 2017
Sept. 12, 1993 Anne Urbanski "In the Beginning: A Look at Creation Myths"
Sept. 19, 1993 Anne Urbanski "The God as Archetype - Part I: The Great Goddess and the Supreme Being"
Oct. 17, 1993 Anne Urbanski "Myths In Modern Drama"
Jan. 28, 1996 Anne Urbanski "What Does It Mean to Be A Religious Liberal in Madison, Wisconsin?"
Oct. 18, 1998 Anne Urbanski, Warren Hagstrom, George Calden "Sidney and God"
June 26, 2016 Anne Urbanski "Fear is the path to the Dark Side: The inherent worth and dignity of every person versus fear of The Other"
June 4, 2017 Anne Urbanski,
Al Nettleton,
Marty Drapkin
"Sidney and God"
Sept. 24, 2017 Anne Urbanski "Milestones in LGBTQ History"

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