A list of programs presented at Prairie by Dave Zakem from 1980 to 2007
(Dave Zakem died Aug. 21, 2012)
1980 Dec. 14Program 0n Iran
1981 July 5The War Prayer
1981-82 lay ministry on Various Aspects of Culture & Personality
1981 Sept. 13Around the WorId Odyssey
1981 Sept. 20If You Know Our Language, You Know Us
1981 Sept. 27Africa, The Country We Didn't Learn About in School
1981 Oct. 4Sufism, the Flowering of Islam
1981 Oct. 11The Cultures of India
1981 Nov. 15Turning Points
1981 Nov. 22Words of Inspiration
1982 March 21 Rites of Spring

1982 July 4Thomas Jefferson
1982 July 11Living Single
1982 Nov. 28World Hunger: Impossible to End Using Our Present Methods
1983 Feb. 13Danger Words
1984 Sept. 23Cultures of the Andes: Ancient & Modernmp3
1985 March 31Cultural Survival: Breaking the Hidden Cycle of CulturaI Destruction(with Lance Green)
1992 March 15  Mayan Art and Culture, Past and Presentmp3   Belize photos*
1993 Jan. 10Somalia: A Withered Beautiful Flower
2002 June 23Sights and Insights of Laosmp3
2007 Feb. 7Dave Zakem talk and slides of Laos, with Asian craft items sale(Wed. 7:30 pm) Laos photos*
*From PowerPoint presentation elsewere
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