A list of Sunday programs Doleta Chapru presented or helped to present 1977 to 2010
(Doleta Chapru died April 21, 2012)
1977 Nov. 20"The Smokey Mountian Pioneers" with Rose Smith
1979 Sept. 9"Passing Through" with Mike Briggs
1980 March 2"Songbook Sunday" with Mike Briggs and Holly Loring
1980 March 30"Clara and Robert Schumann: Music and Madness in the Family" with Warren Hagstrom
1981 April 19"Celebration of Spring" with Pat Cautley
1981 Aug. 2"New Games"
1983 July 31"Games New and Old"
1985 April 14"'Toughing it Out' on the Colorado Plains"mp3
1985 May 5"Prairie Creators"mp3
1985 June 16"About Quakers" with Mary Mullen, Joanne Elder and Bettina B)orksten
1985 July 17"SocialIy Responslble Investing" with Paul Olson
1985 Oct. 6"When Will Prejudice End? or You've Got To Be CarefullyTaught.." with Pat Watkins, Judy Spring, Fredericka Schilling, David Lake, Shirley Grinrod
1985 Nov. 17"Life Without Work" with Pat Watkins, Jack Jallings, Rachel Siegfried, Marty Drapkin
1993 Aug. 29"Introducing - Singing the Living Tradition"mp3
1994 Sept. 25"Cyberspace Morality and Terrors of Direct Experience"
1996 April 7"Fun is a Family Value"mp3
1996 Nov. 10"A UU's View of Promise Keepers"
1997 June 8"Personal Strategies for Emotional Healing" with Prairie panelmp3
1998 June 21"The Boy Scouts of America and the Right of Conscience"mp3
1999 May 2"Prairie People Serve: How Are We Living up to Our UU Principles?"mp3
2000 Jan. 16"Our Korean Friends" with Warren Hagstrommp3
2000 Jan. 23 "Duke Ellington: Music of the Soul" with Warren Hagstrommp3
2000 Feb. 27"Respectful Disagreement: Between Nicey-Nice and Spilling Blood" with Jennifer Parker
2000 March 26 "Emily Dickinson: Musical Settings of her Poems" with Warren Hagstrommp3
2000 Sept. 10"Good Things About the Religions We've Left" with Prairie panel
2001 Dec. 16"Words and Music of the Season" with Rosemarie Lester
2002 April 28"Anything Goes: Cole Porter's Life and Music" with Warren Hagstrommp3
2002 July 21A Sing-along with Rise Up Singing books
2002 Aug. 25"Getting ALL the News: Alternatives to the Mainstream" with Nancy Graham
2003 Jan. 26"A Posse of Giddy Girls: Wyoming's Battle for Women's Suffrage"
2003 March 30"Liberal Religion and the Challenge of Evangelical Politics"
2003 May 11"The Parent in All of Us - Kristi Sprague, Bob Lawrence, Denise Jess, Jani Koester"
2003 June 22Summer Outdoor Service at Picnic Point with Warren Hagstrom
2003 Aug. 17"A Musical Celebration of Animals" with Dan Proud
2006 Aug. 13"Through All Kinds of Weather (Musicale)" with Warren Hagstrom
2010 Oct. 17"Gay-Affirming Religious Groups: Good News for Human Rights"

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