Programs by Pat Watkins 1975 to 2012
(Pat Watkins died Dec. 12, 2013)
Jan. 5, 1975 Pat Watkins "Gold Fever: Then and Now"
March 6, 1977 Pat Watkins "Where I Come From is What I Am: Five Generations of a Black Family"
April 28, 1985 Pat Watkins "From the Belly of the Whale: Saga of a Black Family"
Nov. 17, 1985 Pat Watkins, Marty Drapkin, Doleta Chapru, Jack Jallings, Rachel Siegfried "Life Without Work"
Jan. 5, 1986 Pat Watkins "Back to the Future"
April 13, 1986 Pat Watkins "Comes a Volunteer"
June 8, 1986 Pat Watkins "Work in Music and Literature"
Aug. 9, 1987 Pat Watkins "Of Patriotism, Solldiers and War"
Jan. 15, 1989 Pat Watkins "Racism"
Feb. 9, 1992 Pat Watkins "It's Love that Makes the World Go Round" (intergenerational service)
March 20, 1994 Pat Watkins "The Ranking Game"
May 7, 1995 Pat Watkins "A Jury of One's Peers? What's wrong with the jury system and what Dane County is doing to fix it"oos
Aug. 6, 1995 Julie Bonser, Cinda LaMar, and Pat Watkins "UU General Assembly"
Aug. 20, 1995 Pat Watkins "Neither Abridged Nor Denied"oos
Aug. 3, 1997 Nancy Graham and Pat Watkins Report on 1997 UU General Assemblyoos
Oct. 26, 1997 Pat Watkins "Our Global Community: The UN and UUSC"
Feb. 8, 1998 Pat Watkins "Suffer the Little Children"oos
Aug. 30, 1998 Pat Watkins "If I Were a Rich Man or Woman: What and to Which Causes Would I Give?"
July 25, 1999 Pat Watkins and Nancy Schraufnagel "Report from General Assembly"oos
Nov. 14, 1999 Pat Watkins "Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday"
Jan. 9, 2000 Pat Watkins "Do We Consume Things or Do They Consume Us?"oos
Feb. 6, 2000 Pat Watkins "Black History in Song, Poetry and Prose"
March 12, 2000  Pat Watkins "The Parish Poll: Congregational Directives for General Assembly"oos
Sept. 29, 2002 Pat Watkins, Brian Kuzdas, Nancy Schraulhagel, Mary Mullen, Bob Reuschlein "Excited About UUA"
July 13, 2003 Sarah Lord, Pat Watkins, Nancy Schraufnagel "Excited about the UUA"
May 2, 2004 Pat Watkins "Caged Bird: Slavery in the Modern World"
Oct. 23, 2005 Pat Watkins UN Sunday: The Millenium Development Project
Feb. 26, 2006 Pat Watkins "The History of a Black Family"
Sept. 24, 2006 Pat Watkins, Nancy Schraufnagel, Barb Park, Sarah Lord"Report from General Assembly"
Oct. 26, 2008 Pat Watkins "The United Nations Charter of Human Rights"
Jan. 25, 2009 Pat Watkins "The Pain of War; The Joy of Peace"
Feb. 19, 2012 Pat Watkins "The Story of A Black Family"

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