A list of Sunday programs Ruth Calden presented or helped to present 1976 to 2016
(Ruth Calden died Aug. 15, 2019)
1976 April 11"Shaker Life and Rituals"
1980 June 15"Cuban Refugees" with George Calden
1982 Dec. 26"Sing Out the Old - Dance in the New" - Ethnic Impurities with Mike Briggs
1984 Feb. 12"Valentine's Day" with Susie Drapkin
1987 Nov. 29"Prairie: Past, Present and Future"mp3
1990 Nov. 11"The Magical Child and the Art of Birdwatching" with Annis Pratt
1998 Nov. 1"All Souls' Day"mp3
1999 Oct. 31"All Souls' Day Celebration" with Lisa Glueckmp3
2000 Oct. 29"All Souls' Day"
2001 Jan. 28"The Gospel According to the Ethnic Connection" with George Calden, Doleta Chapru and Lee Burkholdermp3
2001 Oct. 28"All Soul's Day"mp3
2002 Oct. 20"On Emigrating from Russia and Denmark" with Rose Smith
2002 Nov. 3"All Souls' Day Celebration"
2005 Oct. 30"Day of the Dead"
2008 Nov. 30"Prairie Reflections" with Warren Hagstrom and Al Nettletonmp3
2011 April 24"A Freedom Seder: Celebration of the Exodus and Freedom Movements Throughout the World" with Mary Mullen
2016 Oct. 30"Ways of Remembering"

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