Resolution adopted at November 2008 parish meeting:

Whereas the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, an independent affiliate organization of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Association, now managed by the UUA, has established a “Green Sanctuary” accreditation program which invites congregations to:
  • Increase awareness of societal environmental issues among UUs.
  • Generate commitment for personal lifestyle changes.
  • Motivate UUs to community action on environmental issues.
  • Bridge a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness.
  • Build awareness of and rectify environmental injustices. And,
  • Whereas the Prairie UU Society Board has established a Green Committee that has prepared a project charter, begun an environmental assessment process, and is developing an Action Plan with the intention to request Prairie UU society approval to seek “Green Sanctuary” accreditation.

    Whereas the Green Sanctuary Program requires the three following congregational votes to achieve accreditation:
    1. Affirm the need to conduct base-line environmental assessments and develop an Action Plan leading to an application as a candidate for accreditation.
    2. Adopt the Action Plan and authorize the application.
    3. Authorize the application for “Green Sanctuary” accreditation after completing all projects in the action plan, usually after a period of one to two years.

    Therefore, be it resolved that Prairie UU Society will work toward “Green Sanctuary” accreditation and will participate in and support the Green Committee as it completes base-line environmental assessments and develops and completes the Action Plan.