Below are the poems that were read as a part of the April 8, 2007 Easter Sunday service at Prairie.
(from Mary Mullen)
Robert Frost, "The Pasture"
Walt Whitman, from the Preface to Leaves of Grass
Emily Dickinson "A Little Madness in the Spring" (#1333)
Robert Frost, "A Prayer for Spring"
Mary Oliver, "Spring"
Buson, a haiku beginning "Standing still at dusk…"
Carl Sandburg, "Frog Songs"
William Wordsworth, "Daffodils"
Robert Herrick, "To Daffodils"
Sushiki, a haiku beginning "Dead my old fine hopes…"
Sylvia Plath, "Tulips"
Mary Oliver, "Why I Wake Early"
Billy Collins, "Today" (He is New York’s poet laureate, appointed in 2004 for a 2-year term.)
e.e. cummings, "in Just"
Betsy Sholl, "Lament" (She is Maine’s poet laureate, appointed in 2006 for a 5-year term.)
Joy Harjo, "Four Songs" (American Indian poet)
Louise Gluck, "Snowdrops"
Poem read by Gordon Cunningham comparing boy’s love to mature love. Contact Gordon for information about this poem.
Billy Collins, "Litany"
Robert Frost, "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Adrienne Rich, "Upper Broadway"
James Wright, "Mary Bly"
Naomi Shihab Nye, "Shoulders" (Arab-American poet)
Issa, a haiku beginning "A saddening world…"
Dorothy Parker, "Cherry White"
Marge Piercy, "Seedlings in the Mail"
Alan Seeger, "I Have a Rendezvous with Death"
Vachel Lindsay, "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes"
David Keig, "Spring Cleaning"
Charles Olson, "These Days"
Robert Frost, "To the Thawing Wind"