Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society was certified by the UUA as a Welcoming Congregation in 1998 following a series of Sunday morning services on this topic in 1989-90 and 1996-97. These and additional services since then are listed below. Our Five Practices of Welcome Renewal for 2020 certificate can be seen here.
Prairie Welcoming Congregation Sunday Programs
Dec. 10, 1989Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schilling  "Sounds Suspiciously Like Homophobia to Me"Tp
Dec. 17, 1989Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schilling "Better Gay than Grumpy-But what about the rest of the family?"Tp
Jan. 14, 1990Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schilling"Dark Days and Dawn: Not a Straight History"Tp
Jan. 21, 1990Mary Mullen and Fredericka Schilling"'We Are a Gentle, Angry People', But Are We Ready To Be a Welcoming Congregation?"Tp

Oct. 12, 1996Mary Mullen"Introduction and Expectations" (at Upham Woods fall retreat)L2
Oct. 20, 1996Mary Mullen"Twenty Questions About Homosexuality"L2 Tp
Oct. 27, 1996Mary Mullen"Gender Socialization and Homophobia"L2 Tp
Dec. 15, 1996Mary Mullen"Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Perspectives"L2 Tp
Jan. 19, 1997Mary Mullen"Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality"L2
March 9, 1997Sunshine Jones"What About the Kids? Challenges of Gay & Lesbian Families"L2
March 16, 1997  Mary Mullen"How Homophobia Hurts Heterosexuals"L2 Tp
April 20, 1997Mary Mullen"This Little Light of Mine: Individual and Community Strategies Regarding Homophobia"L2Tp

Other Related Sunday Programs
Oct. 11, 1992Miriam Ben-Shalom"Homophobia in the Military"Tp
Dec. 13, 1998Deb Phelps and Mary Mullen"Transformations"Tp
Oct. 1, 2000Mary Mullen and Nancy Graham"Transformed?"Tp
July 22, 2001Bev Cann"GLSEN in the Schools"
Oct. 21, 2001Bev Cann"How Homophobia Hurts Us All"
April 27, 2003Scott Prinster"Coming Out as Sacrament"
July 25, 2004Mike and Norma Briggs"Same-sex marriage: a UU Perspective"
Oct. 8 , 2006Proud Theater & Mark Noel"Against the Amendment"Tp
Jan. 21, 2007Josh Freker"After the Amendment - What Now?"Tp
Oct. 17, 2010Doleta Chapru"Gay-Affirming Religious Groups: Good News for Human Rights"
Feb. 12, 2012Patrick Farabaugh"Becoming an LGBT Advocate"mp3
Oct. 27, 2013Patrick Farabaugh"Sex, Love, and Violence: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in a Globalized World"mp3
Nov. 15, 2015Anne Urbanski"Transgender Day of Remembrance"
April 23, 2017Abigail Swetz"Human Being: VERB"mp3
Sept. 24, 2017Anne Urbanski"Milestones in LBGTQ History"mp3
Jan. 6, 2019Jim Barard"The Rich Tapestry of Gender"mp3
July 21, 2019Dick Wagner"The History of Pride in Madison"mp3

L2 = lay ministry on The Welcoming Congregation - Mary Mullen
mp3 = online audio file of speaker portion of service available here
Tp = audio cassette recorded

The Welcoming Congregation Program is described on the UUA web site.
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