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Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are located in our password-protected Members area. (Note that if you are already logged in from previously accessing that area, you will not need to enter a password.) If you need the password, please contact our Administrator: admin[at]

Current Board

The members of Prairie conduct the business of the Society at fall and spring business meetings of the congregation as a whole, at special meetings of the congregation that may be called from time to time, and through regular meetings of the Executive Board. As specified in the Society’s Bylaws, the Board is composed of the officers and committee chairs shown below. Business meeting minutes are filed in the Administrator’s office in the Annex.

President—Kathy Converse – president[AT]

Vice-President—Renee Deschard – vicepresident[AT] (designated by the Board on 2/20/2024 until next election)

Secretary—Dan Proud – secretary[AT]

Treasurer—Chris Unger – treasurer[AT]

At-large—Molly Plunkett

At-large —Susan Herr-Hoyman (designated by the Board on 2/19/2024 until next election)

At-large—Ken Skog