General questions about Prairie not addressed here may be directed to our Administrator. For answers to general questions about Unitarian Universalism, see our Links page.

Q. What do people wear to church?
A. Typical dress at Prairie is very informal. Wear whatever you are comfortable in. We are not a “dress up for church” kind of congregation.

QWhat kind of people will I find at your church?
A. Freethinkers of all sorts. Come and see for yourself!

Q. How large is your congregation?
A. We have around 100 adult members, about 50 of whom will be found attending a typical Sunday morning program.

Q. What goes on during your Sunday morning program?
A. We are a historically lay-led congregation with shared ministry in recent. The program format can vary depending on the presenter, but we make a point of including time for discussion. Typical Sunday service elements can be found here. Speakers address a wide variety of topics based on UU principles.

Q. How do I become a Member?
A. Learn more about becoming a member here.