Directions – Our Prairie UU Society is located at 2010 Whenona Dr (Meeting House, where we hold Sunday Services and other large meetings) and 2006 Whenona Dr (the Annex, used for many other activities). We are within a 1/2 mile of the Beltline Highway (12/18), Verona Road (151) and Seminole Hwy. The most straightforward approach to our Meeting House for newcomers is via Seminole Hwy. The Pedestrian/Bicycle overpass east of 151 on the Beltline is a landmark for Whenona Drive.

Prairie is located at the corner of Whenona and Crawford Drives.  Although our street address in on Whenona Drive, our front entrance faces Crawford Drive. Parking is available on all streets (just don’t park in front of the bus stop on Crawford). We are two blocks from the Whenona/Beltine 18 bus stop (weekends/weekdays) and the Crawford/Whenona bus stop is served by the 19 (weekdays)