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Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
"Porchlight's Response to Homelessness in Dane County" by Karla Thennes
  • "Porchlight's Response to Homelessness in Dane County" by Karla Thennes

    Feb 18, 2024 • 32:37

    Karla Thennes, Executive Director of Porchlight, will describe Porchlight’s 5 core programs to help the homeless in our community, current needs and demographics.

  • "Love One Another: King James Holy Bible" by Rev. Anthony Wade

    Jan 21, 2024 • 21:35

    This Sunday we’ve invited Rev. Anthony Wade as our guest speaker. Rev. Wade is the pastor from our neighboring 2nd Baptist Congregation, just down the street from Prairie. His presentation…

  • "Searching for a Bird and Finding the Interdependent Web" by Anne Pryor

    Jan 28, 2024 • 25:49

    This service will reflect on our species’ role and responsibility to other species while showing delightful photos of penguins, albatross, elephant seals, sea lions, and yes, striated caracaras.

  • "Answering the Call for Civil Rights" Panelists: Bob Park, Mary Mullen and Ralph Tyksinski

    Jan 14, 2024 • 26:10

    The panel will describe their personal experiences and tell how these experiences directed their actions later in their lives.

  • "Star Trekking Home: Welcoming Ourselves" by Rev. Pamela Rumancik

    Jan 7, 2024 • 20:57

    A place to be yourself. To relax. To know you belong and are welcome. These describe the best kinds of home. As UU’s we aspire to make our congregations warm and…

  • "Humanism: In Command or in Crisis?" by Rev. Dr. Michael A. Schuler

    Dec 3, 2023 • 43:26

    Rev. Dr. Schuler’s presentation will be based on his recently published book by the same name. Elements of the discourse will include a description of “doctrinal” humanism as he understands…

  • "On Gratitude" by Ilene Haykus

    Nov 12, 2023 • 16:38

    The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are an appropriate time to consider the role of gratitude in our lives. The very essence of the holiday is counter to our natural…

  • Emerson's Refulgent Religion

    Emerson's Refulgent Religion

    Oct 15, 2023 • 25:43

    by Rev. Dr. Patrick T. O’Neill as presented by Rev. Ralph Tyksinski

  • "Unitarian Universalism and the Belief in God" by Ilene Haykus

    Sep 17, 2023 • 18:57

    In Many UU congregations, the word “God” has almost become taboo. With many in our movement valuing science and reason above all else, it can be easy to forget that…

  • "The Heroine with 1001 Faces" by Robin Proud

    Aug 27, 2023 • 28:13

  • "What Happens When We Die?" by Ilene Haykus

    Aug 6, 2023 • 18:48

    Unitarian Universalism has neither dogma nor creed. We are not asked to believe based on blind faith, but to inquire deeply. During today’s service, we will explore one of life’s…

  • "The Last Freie Gemeinde: The Free Congregation of Sauk County" by Nick Schweitzer

    Jul 16, 2023 • 31:37

    Scores of Freie Gemeinde (Freethought Societies) were established by German immigrants to the U.S. starting around the middle of the 19th century. The Free Congregation of Sauk County (FCSC) appears…

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