Our Whole Lives

Honest, accurate information about sexuality dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. We are proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, accurate human sexuality education curriculum that presents age-appropriate information across the lifespan. (www.uua.org/re/owl).

Each year, we offer an OWL course for one age group: grades K-1, 5-6, or 8-9. All are welcome to register – any and all friends or families from the wider community who are interested, as well as kids who regularly attend Prairie. These sessions are conducted by facilitators who are trained to provide accurate, comprehensive information. Prairie RE has trained facilitators for OWL instruction from kindergarten through high school. Depending on the age of the participants, this program is conducted over 8 to 25 sessions on Sunday mornings during Prairie’s service.

During the pandemic, while in-person workshops are on hiatus, we will offer our young teens (grades 8-9) a virtual program in the spirit of OWL – Helping Adolescents With Knowledge (HAWK). For more information, please contact our Religious Exploration Committee: