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Kids have a choice of learning activities every Sunday. We draw from our rich curriculum library, as well as the creativity of our volunteers, to plan activities that will engage children to make meaning in their own unique way. All of our workshops reinforce the 4 Pillars of our programming:

  1. Social Justice Work to help our young people connect their lived experiences to the lived experiences of others, to gain confidence voicing their concerns about justice issues that matter to them, and to engage with local organizations working for change
  2. Literacy in World Faith Traditions to build respect for the beliefs and spiritual practices of the world’s many organized religions. Each semester, we focus on one of the world’s religions.
  3. Social/Emotional Learning to help our young people understand and manage their emotions, maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions and develop strong self-advocacy skills.
  4. Living by our Unitarian Universalist Principles to help children reflect on the choices they make in daily life
To empower our young people to develop and express themselve, we offer programming for three age groups:
Littles (6 months – preschool)
Our childcare workers build a trusting community through free play and mentored problem-solving. Littles have play spaces both indoors and outdoors. They are welcome to join Middles in workshops when the activities are appropriate. We want our youngest learners to feel safe and secure during their time at Prairie while having lots of fun!
Middles (Grades K – 5)
We start with an opening circle for sharing, learning, and focusig. Then each student chooses a workshop based on their interest. Workshops are led by volunteers who have skills and interest in the activity they lead. Participants are grouped by interest rather than by grade level. Workshops engage students with our program pillars and are intended to be responsive to student requests and current events. Our highest objectives are to provide students with an environment that allows them to make choices, engage with experiences that challenge them to reflect on their connection to self and others, and immerse them in experiences that allow them to have fun and make a difference in the larger world around them. Each week workshop choices will be posted on our website and our Google Calendar so that students can feel comfortable making informed choices on Sunday morning.
Bigs (Grades 6 – 12)
Through January of the 2019/2020 school year, our oldest learners will engage with adult mentors in a fun and engaging curriculum called ‘Neighboring Faiths’.

This curriculum follows a three-week rotation in which students learn basic history, etiquette and foundations of a different faith tradition, visit a house of worship for the chosen faith to meet with faith leaders and/or engage in a service, and lastly engage in a follow-up discussion to deepen understanding and awareness of the issues pertinent to that particular faith tradition. The goals of this curriculum are as follows:
1. To increase religious literacy, by introducing young people to the actual rituals and practices of various worshiping communities.
2. To teach religious tolerance, by visiting faith communities with values that differ from their own, and explore how to best maintain a respectful demeanor during those visits.
3. To support their growth into good world citizens by raising the awareness of the religious diversity of the U.S. (and the world) in young people.
4. To have fun and sometimes challenging new experiences; to build a peer group that is supportive; and to expose older learners to thoughtful and caring adult role models in their own faith community.
Adult discussion mentors are always welcome. Please reach out if you are interested in this opportunity.

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