Service Auction

The service auction takes place in late winter each year and is one of Prairie’s major fundraisers. Members and friends offer meals, activities, events, and services to each other for a price, and the proceeds go to Prairie.

The Service Auction is a fun way to share time and happenings with our Prairie families and friends and to raise money for Prairie. It is also an amazing time to learn about the many hidden talents among Prairie members and friends! 

Are there auction items still available to purchase from the 2019 auction?

We had a wonderful and very successful live auction at Prairie on Sunday March 3!  Together we raised Prairie’s personal best, soon-to-be-announced!  Special thanks go to all those who contributed shared meals, activities, events, and items, as well as to all those who came out and braved the cold to bid and buy. 

The fun still continues! There are items remaining to be purchased. Take a look and let Patty Stockdale know your interest.  

What kinds of things do Prairie members offer?

See a list of some things offered at our March 2019 Service Auction.